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Celebration for Our 2022 Miracle Kids and Their Families

Earlier this week, our team hosted our 2022 Miracle kids – Mary, Nolan, Caleigh, and Tanvi – and their families to celebrate how well they have represented Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta this year. We started the celebration off with a video that showcased each of the kids and various events that they attended to bravely share their stories. We reminisced on the past year and showed videos of people from Children’s sharing their favorite memories with them, including Caleigh attending RE/MAX Premier’s Concert Under the Stars and Nolan attending the Marriott Golf Tournament. It was so sweet to hear the reflections of specific people that our Miracle Kids have touched throughout the year. Our team gave each of the kids a picture of all of them together and personalized cookies – for example, Nolan’s cookies had baseballs on them because he loves all things baseball! 

Afterwards, we ate lunch and mingled, before giving a short tour of our Mission Center and showing our Virtual Reality rendering of the new hospital. One of our team members stated, “Seeing the joy on Caleigh and Tanvi’s faces as they played a game of chase around the Mission Center was Heartwarming! Families give everything to support Children’s at events and in the community, so meeting Nolan’s grandmother and Mary’s grandparents was a highlight of our day.” It was incredibly significant for grandparents and aunts and uncles to view a simulation of the new hospital that will serve grandchildren and nieces and nephews just like their own.

Everyone had not been together since Moments to Marvel in February 2022, so it was very special to see familiar faces and spend time with our Miracle Families with the holidays right around the corner!

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