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Happy International Credit Unions Day Atlanta!

Today, on International Credit Unions Day,  we celebrate the Credit Unions around the world who go above and beyond to support their members and community every day. In 2019, the Credit Unions in Atlanta helped contribute a total of $220,815.67 to our local CMN Hospital, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Through their incredible support, we are able to care for our many patients, like Piper:

Dani Benner knew the signs of autism spectrum disorder. Her son was diagnosed at 18 months, and chances were high that her third child would also be on the spectrum. When her daughter Piper arrived, Dani was determined to be proactive … just in case.

She enrolled Piper in a clinical trial at Marcus Autism Center when she was just weeks old. Dani monitored the milestones Piper met and those she missed. So at 12 months, when Dani learned her daughter was indeed on the spectrum, the diagnosis came as no surprise.

Dani and Piper immediately got to work. “Piper worked incredibly hard with an incredible team. On her third birthday, it was announced that she was no longer showing signs of being on the autism spectrum,” says Dani. “Knowing that she has this wide-open clear blank slate to live her life is a pretty incredible thing. She’s a true product of early intervention.”

Now 4 years old, Piper is feisty and opinionated. She loves to color and dance. And she loves making friends at the playground.

“Autism is not a life-ending diagnosis. It comes with challenges, but it also comes with a lot of beautiful benefits,” says Dani. “The more you know and the more assistance you have, the better outcome you have.”

Thank you to all our local Credit Unions who are fundraise for our hospital year after year:

  • Associated Credit Union
  • Atlanta Postal Credit Union
  • CDC Federal Credit Union
  • Coca-Cola Federal Credit Union
  • Corporate America Family Credit Union
  • Credit Union of Georgia
  • Credit Union SacTown Ten-Mile Run
  • Delta Community Credit Union
  • eCO Credit Union
  • Emory Alliance Credit Union
  • First Tech Federal Credit Union
  • Georgia Credit Union Affiliates
  • Georgia Power NW Federal Credit Union
  • Georgia United Credit Union
  • Georgia’s Own Credit Union
  • IBM Southeast ECU
  • League of Southeastern Credit Unions-FL
  • LGE Community CU
  • Ohio HealthCare FCU
  • United Methodist Connectional FCU

Thank you again for your extraordinary efforts and support. Because of you, we are able to carry out our mission of making kids better today, and healthier tomorrow.