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Have You Seen Our Miracle Kids Lately?

While many of our typical spring and early summer fundraisers look a little different this year and we haven’t had the opportunity to involve our Miracle Kids in-person, we’ve still loved seeing some of them virtually on the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Facebook Page. Have you seen them?

Over Mother’s Day, Children’s highlighted our very special Miracle Moms in a video tribute that you can see here. Miracle Kids Piper, Caroline, Kenner, Larenz and Aubrey and their mother’s were featured. See if you can spot them!

Then just last week, 2020 Miracle Kid John Harvey was featured with his neurosurgeon, Dr. Reisner. During his yearly check-up, John asked Dr. Reisner to name the person who’d had the greatest influence on his life. Without hesitation, he answered Michelangelo. Dr. Reisner then gave his patient an assignment: read Michelangelo’s biography and report back at his next annual appointment. John eagerly accepted the challenge! See more of the post here.

You can few all of these kids miracle stories on the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta YouTube channel here.


Dr. Reisner and 2020 Miracle Child, John