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Marcus Autism Center: Translating Research Findings from the Lab Directly to the Patient

April is Autism Awareness Month and right here in Atlanta, we have one of the top facilities leading Autism Research, the Marcus Autism Center. Proper diagnosis, early intervention and groundbreaking treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder can change the course of a child’s life, and this has been witnessed firsthand. Our 2020 Miracle Child, Piper, was diagnosed at such an early age and given the proper treatment that by the age of 2 she did not show any signs of Autism. The root of the Marcus Autism Center’s research is finding ways to diagnose and treat Autism as early as possible to continue their mission of making miracles like Piper. 

Recent research done at the MAC reveals a direct genetic influence on the way infants see their social world behaviors that are disrupted in children with Autism. Marcus Autism Center as well as our research partners in St. Louis have used eye-tracking technology to track what babies look at, and what they don’t. Scientists found striking evidence for the role genetics plays in shaping how infants pay attention to their world. This study along with numerous others are part of why Marcus has been awarded as an Autism Center of Excellence by the National Institutes of Health. Visit the website to learn more about their groundbreaking research Autism Research | Marcus Autism Center.  We are so grateful to be able to continuously provide the children in Atlanta exceptional care through campuses like Marcus!

2020 Miracle Child, Piper