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Moments to Marvel – Miracle Children Premiere

Each spring, the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta CMN team receives patient nominations from clinical staff members, parents and the Atlanta community. We look for stories of our past patients who display the miracles that take place inside our hospital every day. After going through many applications, we select 4 patients each year to serve as our Miracle Child Ambassadors for the upcoming calendar year.

This week, the CMN team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta held the annual Moments to Marvel event for our CMN and Corporate partners. Over 150 members of the community came together to meet the selected 2020 Miracle Children ambassadors. During the presentation, each child’s miracle video* was premiered, allowing for each guest to learn more about each child and their family’s miracle journey.

Meet John, Age 10, Spina bifida
Meet Aubrey, Age 4, Hepatoblastoma (liver cancer)








Meet Carston, Age 1, Hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy
Meet Piper, Age 4, Autism








We are so appreciative and thankful of all our CMN and Corporate partners who make each of these miracles a possibility.

*click each child’s image to watch their miracle story*