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Thank You Great Clips!

Throughout the month of October, Atlanta Great Clips have been keeping busy by selling TONS of Miracle Balloons in support of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Their goal was to raise $100K and used the phrase “Lend a Hand, Raise $100 Grand” to remind them of this goal. From hosting bake sales, benefit concerts, or superhero parties–this group knows how to put the FUN in fundraising!

The campaign has a very special meaning to Alissa Velazquez, stylist at the Hiram Great Clips. Alissa’s daughter, Alainah, was born with congenital nephrotic syndrome affecting her kidneys. Four years after her daughter’s birth, a very special bond was formed between mother and daughter when Alissa donated her kidney to save Alainah’s life. Because of the life-saving care that Alainah received, Alissa encourages her coworkers to ask every customer to donate in honor of kids like Alainah.

Thank you Great Clips for your commitment to local kids!