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Caring Coworkers: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Coworkers Donate Kidney to the Other’s Spouse

In fall of 2019, longtime co-workers Susan and Tia learned they had far more in common than working in the same collaborative environment of IS&T; they discovered that both of their husbands were suffering from renal failure and were in desperate need of kidney transplants—a fact that would later lead them to perform the most monumental collaboration of all.

While both Susan and Tia were eager to donate a kidney to their own spouse, only Tia was a match for her husband. Luckily, the care of another colleague would lead them to a solution that would benefit each of them. Susan and Tia ran into each other in the bathroom while at work and were catching up on one another’s husband. While they were not matches for their own husbands, it was in that moment they learned they were a near perfect match for the other’s husband — a remarkable revelation given the unlikelihood of finding just a single living donor who is the right match.  

Later that evening, Tia told her husband about her conversation with Susan, and they decided together that they would pursue the paired exchange of kidneys with one another’s husband. Four weeks later, Tia and Susan were confirmed to do so.

“We’re so grateful for each other, and for Children’s for bringing us together,” Susan said.

“It was all meant to be,” Tia added.









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