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Children’s Hospital Week


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is pleased to participate in the second annual #ChildrensHospitalsWeek on March 5 through March 11. Children’s Hospitals Week is recognized and honored nationwide to celebrate the miracles that happen everyday thanks to the donations of our miracle makers. This week is intended to recognize and celebrate our wonderful patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-who make up the more than 10 million kids treated each year at a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Get involved during #ChildrensHospitalsWeek by:

  • Tune in to a Facebook Live-athon Wednesday, March 7, at 7:30 p.m. (EST): The exciting, live event will feature appearances by various celebrities, inspiring kids who represent the 10 million kids treated annually at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada. Catch the action at com/CMNHospitals.
  • Participate in the #ChildrensHospitalsWeek bandage campaign on social media: Sport a bandage and write on it the name of a child who has benefitted from a children’s hospital, take a photo and share it with #ChildrensHospitalsWeek.
  • Have your own miracle you want to share? Share it with us by tagging #ChildrensHospitalWeek.

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