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Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life helps families raise healthy, safe, resilient kids.

We are Strong4Life! Children’s has a partnership backed by clinical, safety and behavioral health experts, also known as Strong4Life. Their focus keeps parents in mind while helping caregivers raise healthy, safe, and resilient kids. Strong4Life completely embodies the Children’s mission to make kids better today and healthier tomorrow and have all the resources to do so.

Their website states:

We want to share what we practice with our patients (and our loved ones) with the goal of making your family’s life a little easier, healthier, safer and less stressful.

Whether you want to improve the communication within your family, help your kids develop a healthy relationship with food, learn about different safety tips, or develop your kids’ emotional well-being, we are here for you.

Explore the different categories listed below (and in the navigation), and narrow down by topics and ages:

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Strong4Life can be found in many more places. Such as schools, early care centers, clinical programs including camp programs, and throughout the community. To learn more about Strong4Life please visit their website and follow their social media for how Strong4Life can help you on an everyday basis.